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The BEST WASHABLE MASK on the market

Individually Hand Made in USA for your protection

Here’s what our professional testers have to say: for full reviews, read our testimonials.

“I can recommend this mask with greatest confidence that it will serve its function of protecting the wearer and the community effectively. The novel features make it ideal for professional and layman alike.”  – Bruce S. Alpert, MD

“My three department managers all came down with Covid-19 in Jan. 2020, two of them got very sick. I believe the reason I didn’t contract Covid is because I wore the Fiddler’s Elbow Mask the entire time we worked together.”  – James Melville, President, Melo Company, Advanced Manufacturing, Newburg, NY

Particle Filtration Efficiency: It all starts with our high efficiency filtration media developed by DuPont and Cummins Filtration in 2020. CF Respirator Media Product Sheet PDF
Masks are only as good as the material they are made from. Our masks meet the N95 filtration performance. Highly efficient > 99% filtration efficiency for 0.2-0.3 µm airborne particles as per national standard. Synthetic nanofiber media is an entirely submicron polymer fiber. To view results of our extensive scientific testing, click here.
Fit: A tight seal around your face is extremely important. A 1% opening can result in a significant drop in the mask efficiency against respiratory virus transmission. We’ve developed a 3-dimensional mask which contours and seals around the face. A substantial nose bridge crimps tight to the nose and cheeks and stays in place. Adjustable ear loops for a custom fit. For fit instructions, see best fit.
For test data, refer to: bit trex
Comfort: Our lightweight, flexible mask material makes it comfortable to wear all day. Our mask utilizes semi-rigid horizontal stays in the front to create more surface area for easier breathing and won’t collapse around your face when inhaling. You won’t experience the “I can’t breathe” sensation.
Frustrated with your current mask fogging your eyeglasses? We’ve solved this problem with a substantial sewn-in nose bridge which prevents your exhaled breath from escaping above the nose.
Wash ability: Unlike the N95 mask, our mask is washable without losing its great filtration properties. Our mask material is made from tightly packed nylon nano fibers which mechanically stop small sub-micron particles. vs. a purely electrostatically charged N95 media which lose their charge and subsequent filtration efficiency when washed in soap and water. To view our recommended wash procedure, click washing instructions  To see the effects of washing on our masks, click wash tests.

Disclaimer- Not suitable for dusty environments. Intended for general use. Not a medical devise, not an occupational mask. Some people may find our mask too restrictive to wear during vigorous exercise.

To better understand how masks work, watch this informative video.


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