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I have been asked to assess the Fiddlerselbow mask. I am a retired Pediatric Cardiologist, so spent countless hours wearing masks in the Catheterization Laboratory and Operating Room. The masks provided in the Childrens’ Hospital were the traditional paper masks developed years ago. I had some custom masks made, but the design was not innovative. The mask I tested from your company had several novel desirable features:
1. The nose piece adjustment was much more substantial and effective than the industry standard. Once crimped it stayed in place perfectly. The seal with the contour of face/nose was excellent.
2. The adjustable length of the loops for the ears is something I have tried to do myself with standard masks and failed every time. The infinite adjustments possible insures the proper tightness to seal the sides to prevent air leaks.
3. The shape is well thought-out. It covers the facial contour such that there is no “pressure point” to irritate the facial skin, an issue which was aggravating in my past experiences.
4. The porosity of the mask material allows non-labored/natural breathing, avoiding the sensation common to inexperienced mask wearers “I can’t breathe”, which, of course is only a panic sensation.
I can recommend this mask with greatest confidence that it will serve its function of protecting the wearer and the community effectively. The novel features make it ideal for professional and layman alike.

Bruce S. Alpert, MD
Dartmouth College BA, 1969
Johns Hopkins MD, 1973
Johns Hopkins Pediatric Residency, 1969-1973


My three department managers all came down with Covid-19 in Jan. 2020, two of them got very sick. I believe the reason I didn’t contract Covid is because I wore the Fiddler’s Elbow Mask the entire time we worked together.

James Melville, President
Melo Company, Advanced Manufacturing
Newburg, NY


I felt the mask was easy to adjust with the moveable straps, also I felt the mask had a snug fit which I liked, the ability to adjust with the straps enhanced the fit. I wore the mask at work for approximately 11 hours a day, I work 3-4 days a week. Id I am off work I wear it when I am outside 2-4 hours a day. I appreciate the functions of the mask and love that it is USA Made.

Sandy Hannam
Saratoga Hospital